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Medical device distribution companies have been facing tremendous market’s changes and new challenges with significant impacts on their business models and P&L.
Balancing the focus on marketing and sales operations, margins, ROI, products life cycles, as well as devoting the needed amount of time to research new products lines opportunities has become almost impossible to be managed at reasonable cost.
Starting with an in depth business model, organization/sales network, products portfolio and performance analysis, we assist distribution companies to review their strategy and results, the facts and findings form the base for business development ”journey” ahead.

Our Services

• Corporate business plan
• Financials and KPI analysis
• Turnaround
• Products portfolio strategy and enhancement
• Management consulting & Interim
• Review of organization and alignment
• Identification of business issues and of key priorities
• Preparation of business strategy and road map

• Assistance in strategy execution
• Systems review and assessment
• Sales leads generation
• distribution network improvements and management
• Marketing: communication and delivery strategy
• Market potential valuation
• KPI identification and performance measurement system implementation
• KOL’S advocate activity

Our Approach

The right product needs the right amount of time, strategy and execution to make a dent in each territory. lacking in any of the three it means to miss important business opportunities so don’t let yourself under evaluating each part of your organization and operations.

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